Teaching is a Circus

For my metaphor, I had to really do a lot of thinking. I bounced around a lot of different ideas before finally choosing one. Teaching is a circus. You might think about it and balk at the idea, but give me a chance! If you really think about it, the parallels are truly uncanny! So without further ado, here is my metaphorical digital story! Enjoy!


16 thoughts on “Teaching is a Circus

  1. Courtney, your story is so cute! You are right when you say how many similarities there are between a circus and a classroom.All of your graphics fit together well and I especially liked how you ended with “you don’t have to buy tickets to go to school”. “Learning should be fun” and your video sure was!!


  2. Courtney,
    Using a circus as your metaphor was a great idea! I can totally see how that fits. Everything has to be well planned and researched and practiced in order for it to all work properly. And things can get really hectic at times. But they can also be extremely successful. We also have to be willing to adapt as things will not always work out according to plan.
    Good job on your video!

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  3. Courtney, seriously your digital story – so adorable! I loved it! I love this metaphor. You made some great points. The process and result of the circus is similar to a school. It takes planning and hard work but also a load of fun! I loved all the images and animals, as well. Thanks for sharing, it was so cute!

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  4. Oh Courtney, that was so cute. And so true! I love all of the points you made in your video. From juggling to misbehavior, I think you hit every nail right on the head. And you were worried… 😉 Awesome job!! Really, I loved it. 🙂

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  5. Courtney,
    This is such a great metaphor and a creative digital story as well. I loved watching it. Definitely one of my favorites so far!! Thanks for all of your great blog posts throughout this course, I’ve loved reading them all. I hope you continue to blog!


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