Learning to be Happy

For my visual tool, I decided to use Canva. After reading the articles linked this week, I felt that this was the most user friendly and appropriate for what I wanted to make. I looked at a few different websites before I decided, but in the end I stuck with my original instinct that Canva would be the easiest for what I wanted to make. The site was extreme easy to figure out and had many tutorials after you log in for the first time to give you an idea of how it works. This was really beneficial to me because it helped make the learning curve much smaller.

Since my project is all about Personal Growth, I decided to create a poster that illustrated what I’ve spent the last few weeks doing. The majority of my project is about positivity and attitude. This is kind of hard to emulate within a picture because it’s easy to smile for the camera when needed. Instead, I had multiple pictures of me from the last few weeks taking hikes, playing soccer, working on remodeling, etc. Although these pictures don’t deal with positivity itself, it does deal with exercising, being grateful, and not being a perfectionist.poster

The picture on the top left is from one of my many walks from the past few weeks. This particular hike was taken while hiking on a camping trip with my family. We were up in the mountains. While I’m not sure what made this day different than any other, but I was extremely taken aback by the beauty that faced me this day. I was extremely grateful not only for the view that was around me, but by the people that surrounded me too. The bottom two pictures are also from different hikes/exercising I’ve done through the duration of the project.

On the top right, there is a picture of me using a drill while helping my dad put up a new fence in our yard. As I mentioned in a past blog, part of my ILP was working on not being such a perfectionist. We decided to do a lot of DIY home renovations this summer and these projects really helped with this. Remodeling is hard, and perfection is even harder! But honestly, most people don’t pay attention to the little imperfections in a house. In addition to working on not being a perfectionist, the remodeling also helped with the personal growth because I was learning how to do new things. I like being independent, so learning new things such as texturing a wall, laying wood flooring, or building fence is always a great way to work on improving my abilities.

I think in a classroom, tools such as this could be extremely beneficial. It provides an opportunity for students to share information or learning in a creative, individual way. Like we’ve talked about before, students are much more likely to participate in a project when they have the opportunity to have a say in their learning. This combines teaching students about technology while assessing and allowing creativity at the same time.



10 thoughts on “Learning to be Happy

  1. I love this! I felt like both of the options for this project gave awesome tutorials and seemed very easy to use! I love the mash up of pictures that you came up with and the quote at the bottom (I am a sucker for a good quote or a catchy song lyric!) Your ILP is so inspirational, everyone should take the time for personal growth, thanks for sharing your experience!

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  2. The pictures you decided to use are great! I really need to work on my perfectionism, and your post made me think about that! It is okay to not make everything perfect, and people will not pay attention to the little imperfections, just like you said. It is so cool how you have been able to work on that while learning how to do new things and gaining new skills! Your personal growth seems to be going very well! Great post, Courtney!


  3. It really sounds like you have been making the most of your project and of your summer as well. I must admit that i am pretty jealous, all I seem to do is work! I really like the Canva tool that you choose to use. It seems simple yet worthwhile. The visual tool that you created is well laid out and I am sure that it is a nice recapture for you to have of your journey. Great job with your project and post!

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  4. Courtney,
    I’ve used Canvas before and it really is easy to use. I love how easy it is to make what you need to make without all the ads and all of the other unnecessary tools. You can find what you need, get it done, and save it. I love the poster you made using Canvas; you picked pictures that wrapped up what your ILP was about and included some inspiration words that relate to well, all of us.
    I agree that allowing students to use tools such as Canva or even Toondoo is a great way for them to express themselves and become more interested in class. They get to pick what to make using one of these tools and it can easily relate to their life (and learning) to make it a more meaningful learning experience. Great job!

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