Perfectionism is Impossible

I’m happy to once again report that I had a successful week regarding my Independent Learning Project. As usual, there is still much room for improvement, but overall I’m pleasantly surprised with the progress I have made thus far. It’s crazy to think that there are only three weeks left in this class! With the fast approaching close to this class, I’ve done a lot of reflecting on where I was when I started this project, and where I am now. In the short four weeks that I’ve been working on my Personal Growth, I’ve realized that this isn’t simply a seven week project! Personal growth is something that we should all strive for, all the time.

As a reminder for those who have forgotten (and a little reminder to myself as well!), these were the six areas that I was going to focus on for improving myself:

  • Choose your attitude-don’t let your emotions impact your reactions
  • Don’t be lazy- exercise releases endorphins that fuel happiness
  • Be grateful- wake up each morning and mentally list the things that you are grateful for
  • Perfection will never be attained- be happy with progress, but always work to be better, not perfect
  • Drink more water- Drinking water leads to feeling better which leads to better attitudes
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Photo CC- Nasreen Fynewever

In the previous weeks, I have done a lot of reflecting on water intake, gratefulness, exercise, and attitude. I realized that I have neglected to discuss my progress regarding perfectionism. If you ask my parents, or anyone who knows me really well, they will be the first to tell you just how much of a perfectionist I am, and always have been. I’m sure as a toddler, I was always trying (and failing) to make my finger paintings as pristine as could be. Okay, that was maybe a little dramatic…but I really am a perfectionist. With that being said, I’m going to gloss over the other details of this week (everything is going well 🙂 ) and instead give you a shortened version of how I’m doing regarding perfectionism!

This has been something that I have been trying to work on for a while, and to no avail. At the beginning of the summer, my family started a little DIY remodeling project on our home. The project began as simply tearing some wallpaper off the wall and painting, to re-doing our dining room floor, and installing a new fence in the yard. When we started out the project, I was my usual stickler self. I like learning how to do things myself, so I had my dad teach me how to texture a wall. As I began putting the mud onto the roller, and the roller onto the wall, I was intent on ensuring that each and every inch of the wall was not only textured, but textured consistently throughout the entire space. That lasted about fifteen minutes before I came to a realization….

Remodeling the floor

First, texturing a wall (and remodeling in general) is harder than it looks. If you push too hard, the mud simply becomes smooth paint; if you push too softly, the mud is too thick. You have to apply a very specific pressure to get it right. Second, you, and the people who help you on the project, are the only people who are going to sit there and scrutinize the texture on your wall….so stop trying to be perfect! Last, my arms got tired really quickly which meant I really wanted to get it done with as soon as possible.

Long story short, at the beginning of the summer, I would have taken the remodeling that we did in our house to the extreme wherein everything had to be executed flawlessly. After starting this project, and making a mental effort not to be such a perfectionist, I realized that mistakes happen, and NOBODY is perfect! I have spent way too much time of my life worrying about whether I was perfect or not instead of focusing on just doing my best!

Photo CC: Bryan Zug 

2 thoughts on “Perfectionism is Impossible

  1. This is a good lesson to learn. And one that I have to re-learn sometimes. I think DIY is fun. Its cool to be able to step back and look at what you created with your hands! I really like the quote you included in you post. Our imperfections are what make us us and unique!

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