Let’s Get Creative

For the next 20 days, I will be updating this blog with a new Daily Create Challenge each day. The Daily Creates are inspired by the webiste DS106. The daily creates are meant to be short challenges that train your brain to think creatively! There are five categories of the Daily Creates: writing, drawing, photography, audio, and video.

Day 1: 

For my first daily create, I chose to do dc1615. The challenge was “Make a photo of your own Zen gravel-garden”

I chose to create a “greenhouse” using sand and gravel. I then put gardening tools around it.DC1

Day 2:

The challenge that I chose for day 2 was Daily Create #1630 “Draw The House You Grew Up In”

I would in no way call myself an artist so this Daily Create was somewhat out of my comfort zone. I found an online drawing website called queeky.com and this helped me a lot. As you can see, it is still a mediocre drawing but I’m hoping that by doing more challenges that deal with drawing, I can hopefully improve! houseDay 3: 

I will be out of town over the weekend camping with family for the fourth of July. We will be up in the mountains and I won’t have phone service or access to wifi so I am posting a few daily create challenges ahead of time! 

#tdc1594 Tree Pose With a Tree

As you can see based on the picture, my yoga skills could use a little work! After taking the picture, I looked online at what the pose was actually supposed to look like and realized how off I was! Nontheless, I really enjoyed this Daily Create because I got to get out in nature. We have a tree in our backyard that has a stump from where we cut a dying branch off. This was perfect because it allowed me to actually crawl onto the tree to do my pose. The lighting in the picture was a little weird because it was taken in the late afternoon so there are many shadows on me from the tree.


Day 4: 

My challenge for day 4 was video challenge #tdc1599 How dexterous are your feet?

I attempted to draw a heart using paint with each of my feet. Both of the results were really poor! You can watch the video below! Even though I wasn’t very successful with this challenge, it was still really fun! I’d have to say I did better with my left foot, which makes sense since I am left-handed. As you can see, I also ran out of paint when I used my left foot though

Day 5:

#tdc1475 Can’t You Hear Me Knocking?

For this Daily Create, the object was to make a knocking noise on a door, table, etc. I chose to use a hammer on our kitchen counter and I just did a short, sequence of knocking. Enjoy the weirdness!

Day 6

Today, instead of choosing a random Daily Create, I chose to actually do the daily create for today.

#Tdc1635 “Name That Movie: can you cram enough hints into a tweet for us to guess a movie?”

Here was what I tweeted:

Answer: Tangled/Rapunzel


Day 7

#tdc1429 “Where do you Daily Create?”

I do the majority of my daily creates in a living room on a couch!


Day 8

#tdc1469 “Take a picture of something ordinary you thought is super beautiful”


In addition to posting a picture of something we find beautiful, this Daily Create also required that we explain why it’s beautiful to us. This is a picture of a tiered flower pot in my backyard that my mom has planted flowers in. To many people, these are just flowers in a simple tiered flower pot. In fact, up until this summer, that’s all this planter meant to me too. The planter shown in the picture was made by my grandpa many, many years ago. This past fall, my grandpa passed away. This planter went from being something that I merely looked at when passing, to something that I cherised seeing in my backyard because of the sentimental value that it now holds.

Day 9

#tdc 1443 Make Marshmallow Snow People

Even though it’s nowhere near Christmas, I found a random challenge today and this is what came up! It seemed fun and allowed me to creatively use the items in my house to complete it! Below is a picture of my snow person. I used three marshmallows stuck together with a tootpick for the body. I then used another toothpick for the arms. For the buttons, I used three brown M&M’s. Then, I took some corn silk from an ear of corn to give my snow person some (very messy) hair! To top it off, I took a Sharpie and drew a face!

snow people

Day 10 

Well, I’m officially halfway done with the 20 day Daily Create Challenge so yay me!

For my challenge today, I chose to do one that I actually saw a lot of my classmates doing! It was #tdc1640 Young Me, Now Me. Basically the challenge involved making a collage out of a picture from when you were younger, and a more recent photo. My collage is below! 🙂


Day 11 

The daily create I chose today was #tdc1554 “Create Some Triangle Art”

I used this website to “draw” my triangle masterpiece! It was a fairly easy site to use. There wasn’t a huge learning curve, which I liked because I struggle with drawing! So without further ado, here is my triangle art! triangles.png

Day 12

Today, I chose to do a writing daily create challenge. I just clicked on a random writing challenge and chose that one! The create I happened to click on was:

#tdc1383 Is a happy place always happy?

My happy place is my room. However, my happy place becomes an unhappy place when I let my room get messy or cluttered!

Day 13

#tdc1571 Write a fictional backstory for a death reported by @DeathMedieval

Since I had no idea who @DeathMedieval was prior to this Daily Create, I first spent some time going through his Twitter account to get a feel for the types of stories he writes.

After that, I simply came up with a fake name and story, and posted it on Twitter! I have embedded the Tweet below! Enjoy!

Day 14

#tdc1641 Oh … Yeah …

For this Daily Create, participants were challenged to record themselves dramatically saying Ohhhhhhh Yeahhh! My result is below. I used https://sketch.io/sketchpad/ to make the visual and the voice recorder on my computer for the audio. In order to put the two together, I used Windows Movie Maker. Since wordpress doesn’t allow you to upload your own videos, I had to then convert my file into a “movie” so that it could be uploaded onto YouTube!

Day 15#tdc1633 Octopus Encounter

“What is the back story between the octopus and the person? Who is behind the glass? How did they get here? What happens next.”

I chose to Tweet my “story.” I’ve embedded the tweet below for you guys to check out!

Day 16

#tdc1578 Add Harry Potter to an Academic Paper


4 thoughts on “Let’s Get Creative

  1. Courtney, I really enjoyed reading all of you daily creates! I think you did a really good job, and I actually really like them all together like you have!!! Oh and I’m impressed with your feet art, you did better then I could do!

    Liked by 1 person

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