Ds106: Wait, what?

Digital Storytelling is becoming increasingly more popular. The idea behind digital storytelling is to tell a story through the use of technology! You essentially bring a story from written, and into the digital age! It’s actually pretty simple with the help of Ds106! Ds106 is basically an online college course. It started out as a course through the University of Mary Washington. The DS portion of the name stands for Digital Storytelling. The whole point of the class is to become more Digitally Literate and creative. The website offers a multitude of assignments that you can do at your own pace. These assignments are all made with the intent of working with technology to become more digitally literate and creative!

Photo CC: rossyyume

In my opinion, the best part of DS106 is that it is FREE! There is so much information and resources available on the website. DS106 also does a Daily Create Challenge wherein students are given a creative task. The tasks come in 5 different categories: photography, writing, drawing, audio, and video. When I first read that we were to do a 20 Day Create Challenge, I was feeling very overwhelmed. In my mind, I was going to be spending hours each day on a project. I was very relieved to find out that these challenges only take up 15-20 minutes of the day and are actually really fun!

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This online course is really convenient in the fact that there is no professor, and you are free to join or leave at any point. The freedom that the class offers is a huge plus. If only there were more college courses like this available! I personally believe one of the reasons the class became so popular was because of its freedom. Students get so much say in what they learn and create. Students are much more likely to be motivated and produce quality work when they feel that they have a say in their education. I’m planning on teaching in an elementary school. While some of the assignments and daily creates are much too complicated for children of this age, there are still many kid friendly apps and assignments that I could use to give my kids a “brain break” or creative boost. In addition, many of the assignments can be altered to meet standards!

Photo CC: Christina R.A.

The creators of ds106 highly recommend that members of the class seek each other out for advice. This is great because you are working on becoming more “tech savvy,” while also building your Personal Learning Network. Technology can definitely be overwhelming at times. By seeking others out on Facebook, Twitter, blogs, etc., you are able to lower your anxiety level by receiving help from others who have used the site. In addition, you can return the favor by helping others out once you have mastered a new website or online tool! Overall, ds106 is a fantastic class for anyone who wants to improve upon their creative and digital literacy skills!



4 thoughts on “Ds106: Wait, what?

  1. I agree that this site is an awesome tool to help build up your technology skills. I admit I was totally bummed to have started this part of the course, but once I really dove into it and saw what it was all about I got all jazzed up and excited and now the first thing I do in the morning is just check to see what the daily create is. I don’t do it straight away but I like to contemplate it for a few hours and then sit down to accomplish the task.

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