Rollercoaster-ILP Update

This week has honestly been a rollercoaster for me. For those of you who haven’t read my previous blog, or for those of you that forgot, my ILP is all about Personal Growth. My goal throughout the next few weeks is to be a happier me! In order to do this, I’ve been working on positive thinking, gratefulness, exercise, and drinking more water, among other things. Like I said, this week was full of highs and lows. Summer in general is a very busy time for me between school, work, traveling, etc. Although this week wasn’t as busy as others, I found myself faced with a lot of mental “busyness.”

Photo CC: Life Life Happy 

Because of this, as much as I hate to admit it, my personal growth for the week was not as high as I had hoped it would be by now. This isn’t to say that I didn’t have any progress this week. One of the things that I am really bad about is staying hydrated throughout the day. When I was doing research on what makes a “happy” person, one of the tips that I kept coming across was “stay hydrated.” When you drink a lot of water throughout the day, your body feels better, your mind functions better, and therefore you are happier. This week I really tried to focus on drinking lots of water and found that it really helped with the amount of energy I had. I also tend to suffer from headaches. This week I didn’t have any and I feel that an increase in water intake contributed to that!

Photo CC: BK 

In addition, I made sure to get out and get at least half an hour of physical activity each day. Exercise releases endorphins such as dopamine that make you feel happier! Even though half an hour might not seem like much, it was enough to get my heartrate up, release some “happy” endorphins, and help with stress reduction (something I REALLY needed this week).

Photo CC: Charm2010

The area that I struggled with the most this week was my positive thinking. Drinking more water and forcing myself to exercise are easily controllable for me. When I have a rough week like this week though, my positive thinking tends to diminish. It’s easy to be happy when things are going well, but much harder to do when you face adversities. Since I did tell my parents about this project, they did a really good job of reminding me to be positive and to look at the silver-lining of all the situations I faced this week.

Photo CC: BK 


While the time I spent focusing on exercise, my attitude, and hydration covered the four hours of ILP time this week, I also spent a fair amount of time online looking for things to make me happy. I am a huge quote person. I could spend my entire life looking at quotes and be perfectly content. The pictures seen throughout this post were all happiness quotes that I found this week! I found that spending even 15-30 minutes a day looking at funny or inspirational videos, helped my attitude a lot. This time provided small distractions that allowed me to take a step back and realize that the trials I was facing throughout the week, weren’t as bad as they seemed.  In addition to the pictures, I’ve linked two of these videos below for those who are interested. Of course, one of them is a TED Talk. 🙂

Photo CC: BK 

Though I am disappointed with my progress this week, my motivation to continue and do better next week has only grown. My goal next week is to not only continue staying hydrated and exercising, but to also focus on being more grateful for the things I have, and choosing a better attitude when things aren’t going well.


12 thoughts on “Rollercoaster-ILP Update

  1. I love your independent learning project! There’s so much potential for positive change when you infuse your life the goal of being happy. I’ve been working on healthy levels of fitness, nutrition and hydration for the past few years – and I can tell you they all make a difference. I don’t know what your preferred workout is, but getting outdoors and running or doing outdoor yoga on nice days can truly be a mood booster! What are your favorite workouts?

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    1. Thanks for the suggestions! Right now I usually try to get outside and take a long walk. I run sometimes too, but I honestly hate it, especially when it’s hot! I know it’s really good for me though, so I do it! I really like the idea of outdoor yoga though! Yoga is something I have been wanting to get into but I’m afraid I wouldn’t do the positions right without the help of others. Sadly, my town doesn’t offer any classes!


      1. There are some great DVDs that helped me learn yoga positions when I started out. I was uncomfortable getting into weird positions around people at first and doing these helped my confidence a lot. This is my favorite beginners/flexibility/calming yoga: and this is my favorite advanced power yoga:

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  2. Courtney, I really like you ILP idea. I know it’s hard to sometimes see progress in what we do but try and stay positive because even if the progress is small, it is still progress! I always feel better after working out and eating right and I agree that it is important to stay hydrated. I loved all of your quotes and your videos at the end, they were great! Have a positive mindset throughout your ILP and you will do great!


    1. Tessa, thanks for the encouragement! Making progress definitely helps with motivation so this week was a little disappointing! At the same time, it motivated me to work harder next week! Thanks for the read and comment!

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  3. Courtney! Never be disappointed with your progress! Remember, as long as you’re moving and trying, you’re headed somewhere better than you were. (My mantra for my physical activity, ha!) It honestly sounds like you did wonderful this week! I loved your quotes that you put into the post; looking at motivational thoughts always cheers me up. I’m also terrible about drinking enough water. That’s something that I need to work on!
    Great post! I can tell how hard you’re working- keep it up! 🙂

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  4. Hey Courtney! As I read your post on my feedly, I was like, “Man, I gotta make sure I leave her a supporting and positive comment to encourage her!” Then, I clicked on your post to visit your site and saw our fellow classmates had the same idea! So, similar to our classmates, I say, you can do this! Small progress is better than no progress! Never be disappointed in your progress, no matter how small you think it is. I think you have a fantastic project going here and am excited to see where you go! Staying positive may not always be easy, but it will be worth it! Enjoy the remainder of your weekend and have a fantastic new week! (:

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    1. Cara, I really appreciate you leaving a supportive message even though you saw others had. Seeing all these kind words from everyone really helped boost my positivity and show me that my little progress is still progress! I’m definitely ready to continue to work harder to make more progress as the weeks go on! Thanks again!

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  5. After I started reading your post, I found myself feeling thirsty and going for some water! Thanks for the reminder! There is so much research to support gratitude as the main source for happiness and contentment. Whenever I find myself getting anxious, stressed, or cranky (or all three!), I try to remember to think of something I’m grateful for. I have really been enjoying the Mindful website this summer: Also, check out Yoga with Adrienne on Youtube–free and really high quality practices!

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    1. Glad I could help with the reminder! 🙂 Thanks for the suggestions! I really liked the mindful website! I feel that this is something that could help me throughout this process! Free yoga sites are always helpful as well! Thanks!


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