Building Connections

Since day one of this class I have found myself constantly being introduced to new words, apps, and websites. This week, PLN was the new acronym with which I was not familiar. Although I didn’t know exactly what a PLN was, I had seen many posts on Twitter referencing a PLN. After doing much research on what a PLN is
, and how to create one, I realized that I have actually been doing this for many years!PLN

Photo CC: Caitlin Tucker

PLN stands for Personal Learning Network. Simply put, a PLN is a person’s network with people who share a similar idea. The point of a PLN is to connect you with people who are interested in a similar subject as you so that you can share and receive ideas from each other. For example, my PLN is based around education. The people that I follow on Twitter and Blogs are people that share thoughts, tips, and articles that are about education. These people may range from parents, teachers, principles, or even government agencies. By following these people, I am allowed the opportunity to learn more about the field I am entering into.

At first, the idea of building my PLN was very intimidating to me. I was uncertain of who to follow and where to find these people. After doing some more research, and reading some classmates posts, I realized that I already had started my own PLN! Personal Learning Networks are not restricted to the internet. One of the sites I read actually pointed out the fact that conferences, PLC’s, etc. are all working towards building your PLN. Your colleagues and people that you meet in these conferences/meetings are also people who you receive and share ideas with.connections.jpg

Photo CC- Michaela Young

Like I said before, I really struggled with how to continue to build upon my already started PLN. I ended up Googling things such as “Educational Twitter Accounts to Follow” or “Best Accounts for Teachers to Follow.” Surprisingly, this proved to be very useful to me. Once I had an idea of some accounts, I made sure to go through the person’s account before automatically following them. One of the articles that I read stressed the importance of following accounts that are actually sharing information that you are interested in. If you aren’t going to get valuable information from this source, then there is no point in adding them to your PLN. After I would add accounts, Twitter also suggested other account similar to what I was searching. I found this very useful.

Overall, I feel that building upon my PLN will prove to be really helpful in finding new information related to what I’m interested in. I found that many of the accounts that I followed, followed me back in return. I have already had these new followers retweet some of my information. This was really exciting to me because I feel that I am not only learning from them, but contributing knowledge in return!



6 thoughts on “Building Connections

  1. Courtney,
    That is nice that you have been developing a PLN all along and just didn’t realize it. I thought the same thing after i learned what a PLN is. Just following each other in this class i feel like contributed to building that network because we are learning from each other and sharing information and experiences. When further building my PLN i did the same thing that you did; used google to find some accounts to follow. And like you i made sure to look through those accounts to make sure that they looked like they were going to offer good information and even advice or ideas. Some of them were super bland and random having nothing at all to do with education so i was glad that i checked before just hitting the follow button.

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    1. Skyler, I was also glad that I looked through the accounts. There were many that I looked at and decided not to follow . I also feel like we are learning from each other in this class. We all have different ideas to share. 🙂


  2. Isn’t it funny all the new stuff we are learning through technology? And realizing what we kind of already knew and how to embrace it and make it bigger and better like our PLN. I know what you mean about contributing to others and then realizing what you posted was retweeted by someone in those education accounts you’re following, happened to me and I was like “ah! I must have said something good and useful!” Good luck on keeping up with your PLN!

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  3. Sometimes the most basic Google searches can be the most productive! I developed my PLN largely through finding a few people to follow on Twitter that I really liked and then seeing who they were following or following people they were retweeting. It can be a bit time-consuming to develop (and time-consuming to tweak and finetune as you go along) but there is so much to learn!

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    1. It definitely does take time! I have found that there are a few accounts that I follow that haven’t been providing the information that I expected, so I have unfollowed them and followed new people! It’s a constant process!


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